Accessing your super

Preservation - restrictions on cashing super

Generally under Federal government legislation, you can only receive your benefits in cash when you satisfy one or more of the following ‘conditions of release’:
  • You retire after reaching your preservation age (refer to the table below), or
  • You cease employment on or after age 60, or
  • You reach age 65, or
  • You die, or
  • You suffer permanent incapacity (as defined in the superannuation law), or
  • You suffer severe financial hardship (you will need to satisfy the Trustee in relation to a number of criteria set down by law before any part of your preserved benefit can be released), or
  • APRA approves the release of some or all of your benefits on compassionate grounds, or
  • You are a temporary resident (apart from NZ citizens) on particular types of visa departing Australia permanently, or
  • You leave employment and your total preserved benefit is less than $200, or
  • You have an unrestricted non-preserved component of your benefit, or
  • You leave employment and have a restricted non-preserved component of your benefit.

Date of Birth

Preservation age

before 1/7/1960










After 30/6/64


ASIC has become aware of a number of illegal schemes facilitating early access to superannuation. Please refer to the ASIC consumer flyer for more information.

You can also access you super via an account based pension or under special circumstances.