A human touch makes the world of difference

posted on 25.05.2017

REI Super member profile

Erin Fisher was born and bred into real estate on the central coast of New South Wales. Now she is the Manager of the Property Management Department at Raine & Horne on the central coast’s Umina Beach.

She manages a team of eight and has been included in the prestigious Raine & Horne Chairman’s Club for the past three years. 

REI Super: You’ve worked across all areas of real estate. Why property management instead of sales?

EF:     When I was travelling in the UK I worked as a property manager for an agency in Edinburgh. My team and I managed a giant portfolio of 1500 public housing properties.

That was an eye-opening experience and it taught me so much about people and management. It was extremely challenging but extremely rewarding. 

REI Super: What is your greatest source of satisfaction in your job?

EF:      When we’ve got a happy owner and a happy tenant. Which is a balance that is harder to achieve than most people would expect.

You’ve got to have compassion and understanding for tenants while at the same time looking after owners’ best interests.

REI Super: Have emerging online services and communications presented challenges for your business?

EF:    I think in all industries – not just real estate – we’re in danger of losing touch with the face to face experience. We see fewer actual people in the office these days. Everything is by email. 

We do what we can to get around that situation, because personal contact is so important to the success of your business. 

I meet every client. We make sure we have face to face contact – it’s really key. 

REI Super: What do you see as your greatest professional achievement so far?

EF:    Managing my team. Developing them and helping them to be successful. They do great things!! 

REI Super: Do you ever give thought to your life after work?

EF:   I hope to be comfortable when I retire. I’ve been with REI Super a long time. I’m going to talk to one of REI Super’s advisers to make sure I’m on track. 

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