Hayden Groves journey from hospitality to President of REIWA

posted on 13.11.2017

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Hayden Groves, Principal, Dethridge Groves Real Estate, Fremantle WA, President of REIWA and Deputy President of REIA.

Hayden Groves has made the journey from selling his own home … to running his own agency … to being President of REIWA and Deputy President of REIA.

He is a huge advocate for professionalism in the real estate industry and he has been an REI Super member for 19 years.

REI Super: How did you come to have a career in real estate?

HG:   After doing Honours in International Politics at Monash University I ended up working in hospitality in WA. A lot of my customers were real estate agents and seemed to have really good jobs!

At around that time I needed sell my home. I interviewed some agents and thought they weren’t worth the money, so I decided to sell the property myself. I did everything including conducting the opens and I thoroughly enjoyed the process!

In fact I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue it as a career. I started at John Dethbridge & Co. and quickly got established as a selling agent in Fremantle.

REI Super:  What do you like about working in the real estate industry?

HG:  I love the idea that relative strangers will invite you into their homes and that it’s plausible that half an hour later they’re willing to hand you the keys to their home and ask you to sell their most valuable asset.

That privilege has never been lost on me. The joy of people’s dreams being fulfilled is a wonderful thing to share in. Every story is different. It’s never dull.

REI Super: What about the challenges of working in the industry?

HG:  More broadly is the challenge of the industry’s questionable level of professionalism. The idea that you can do a short course and then get to share in important milestones in people’s lives just does not sit well.

As an industry we need to increase and improve our standards. As part of that, the REIA has undertaken to make real estate a profession.

The other challenges are intermediaries and new digital practices. Agents are often their own worst enemies because they’re always looking for the next sale rather than at the long game.

REI Super: What has been your greatest professional achievement so far?

HG:  Being asked by my peers on the REIWA Council to represent members as President was a great achievement for me. To be able to champion real estate practice is tremendous.

The other achievement has been to become Deputy President of REIA and being involved in encouraging REINSW re-join the national Institute after some years’ of absence.

REI Super: What do you think about super?

HG:  I’m conservative and I budget carefully and I like to be able to make plans for my life beyond work. I really believe in industry super funds. REI Super’s investment performance has been excellent and the fees are unbelievably low. And they do all the work for me - I wouldn’t have the time to have my own super fund!

I find that being a member of REI Super gives people in the industry a very straightforward way of planning for our own retirements. REI Super has made that task very easy for me and I’ve been very impressed with the returns.



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