From interior design and breaking records. Janet's rapid rise to becoming a successful auctioneer

posted on 19.02.2018

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Janet Fleet, Senior Property Consultant and Auctioneer, Noel Jones Mitcham, Victoria

Janet Fleet entered real estate from the field of interior design and rapidly progressed to become a senior sales consultant and auctioneer. 

She recently broke the $2 million record for a property sale in Mitcham. 

REI Super: What led you to a real estate career? 

JF:   My background is in interior design, which led me into property styling and styling for display homes. From there it was a short and decisive leap into property sales. I have worked in real estate since early 2010 and I am in my fifth year with Noel Jones this year. 

REI Super: What do you enjoy about it?

JF:   I’m passionate about property and homes and I thrive on the interpersonal side of the work. I live and work in the same community and I feel very attached to it. It’s very satisfying to forge strong relationships with clients who end up both buying and selling with us. Over time we see the same people over and over again within our community.

REI Super: Do you live from week to week or do you plan for the future? 

JF:   I’m definitely a planner and my super is really important to me in that regard. I’ve always gone with the industry funds, so when I moved into real estate I came into REI Super. I think it works really well being a member of the super fund for our industry. I recently tapped into REI Super’s financial planning service and it’s really helped to set me on track. I received good advice and some new strategies. 

REI Super: Do women make better property sales people than men?

JF:   I wouldn’t say better, but I certainly think we bring something different to the table. I think one of the factors is that these days there are a lot more women who purchase property on their own and they often find it easier to deal with a female agent. It’s good to see more women moving into sales agent roles in real estate.


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