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Case study: There’s no reason to go anywhere else

Bettina Rogers

When Bettina Rogers set up a self-managed super fund 10 years ago, she thought she would be able to do more with it than she could, like investing, and selling property.

Bettina says bad advice and a lack of knowledge led to setting up a self-managed fund. In hindsight, she would have looked into it more carefully.

“We probably didn’t do enough research, we should never have set up a self-managed super fund.”

“Even with more than average in our super, it wasn’t really enough to do much with.”

“It just sat in a bank account, and it cost us money.”

“There are many costs involved in running a self-managed fund. They don’t make it easy.”

Having happily returned to REI Super 5 years ago, Bettina thinks more people should be aware upfront about what is involved in setting up your own super fund, especially people with smaller balances.

“People might be thinking they can do more with it than they are allowed to.”

“You can put it into shares, but to me that’s a pretty risky thing to do.”

Even winding up the SMSF wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

“It was onerous and expensive, and they money just ended up sitting in the bank account, with fees coming out.”

“At the end of it, I wished we hadn’t done it.”

“REI Super performs well, fees are low and I don't have to worry about my super now. They are always extremely helpful and very efficient ".

“I’ve had to do a transition to retirement income just recently with REI Super. I found the whole process very easy and very smooth. It just happened without any hiccups."

“There’s no reason to go anywhere else.”