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Whether it’s choosing the right investment options, finding the best way to make additional contributions, insurance advice, estate planning, transitioning to retirement options or comprehensive financial planning, REI Super members have access to it all.



It’s a good idea to get quality financial advice whenever your circumstances or financial goals change, and in particular when you start to approach retirement age.

It's good to get advice when:

  • Changing jobs or when you receive a salary increase
  • Buying a home or investment property
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Starting a family
  • Approaching retirement age
  • Retiring

At these life events your investment risk profile, contribution tax treatments, product eligibility and insurance needs may also change.

With REI Super’s advice options, great advice is cost effective and easy to access. Call our helpline on 1300 13 44 33 to arrange a call with one of our qualified advisers at a time convenient for you.

Advice on your contributions, investment and insurance options within REI Super has no additional cost as it is included with your membership, with fixed fee advice to set up or review transition to retirement strategies.

For comprehensive advice your first appointment is complimentary with no obligation, with all advice quoted up front on a fixed fee for service basis with no commissions or hidden costs.

The right financial advice on your super investment at the right time can make a big difference to the health of your super balance.

Whether it's understanding your risk profile, understanding your retirement needs, or selecting the right mix of investments, REI Super members have access to high quality and cost effective advice as part of their membership.

Some investment advice topics include:

  • Understanding your investment risk profile
  • Selecting your investment option
  • Changing investments
  • Understanding your retirement needs
  • Strategies for transitioning to retirement
  • Our fees

Our fees for financial advice are very competitive, with some services provided to REI Super members at no charge. If you wish, the cost for the advice you receive on superannuation topics can be deducted from your REI Super account.

Advice Fees

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