How we manage investments

What we invest in

It’s important for you to know what we are doing with your money, how it is managed and invested. 

We invest in a range of diverse assets:

  • Cash
  • Bonds (Australian and international)
  • Property (Australian and international)
  • Shares (Australian and international)
  • Infrastructure (international)

Each REI Super investment option invests in one or a combination of asset classes. 

The different investment options have different performance objectives, risks and investment time frames, so you can chose an option to suit your needs. All our options seek to outperform industry averages and benchmarks.

Who manages your investments?

The Trustee Directors of REI Super control the type and number of investment options and set the objectives of each investment option. They closely monitor the performance of the Fund’s investments and provide direction to the Fund’s investment consultant and managers.

Day to day management of investments

As different assets and markets require different expertise, we appoint a number of professional investment managers who specialise in specific types of investments.

REI Super uses an investment consultant, Morningstar, to manage the individual specialist investment managers and to advise the Fund on themes and trends in investment markets. Morningstar are responsible for selecting and monitoring individual specialist investment managers within each asset class and they manage the day to day investments.

How we monitor performance

The Trustee of REI Super regularly reviews the performance of the Fund’s investments to their objectives. 

Profits are reinvested for the benefit of members

Unlike retail or bank-owned superannuation funds, all our profits are reinvested, to build on the growth we’ve made in your super. Nothing is lost to shareholders.

Our current investment managers

AssetKey Investment Managers
Australian SharesAllan Gray Australia
International SharesBlackrock
Sands Capital
Australian PropertyVanguard
Global PropertyBlackrock
Unlisted Property

Industry Super Property Trust

Australian Unity

Global InfrastructureMorningstar
Unlisted Infrastructure
Igneo Infrastructure Partners
Australian BondsMorningstar
International BondsAshmore

This information is correct as at 30 June 2023.

Please note that not all investments managers listed are used in every investment option. Depending on their tailored risk and return goals, different investment options do not necessarily invest in every asset class - nor invest in the same asset class the same way.