Investment basics

How you invest your super account can make a big difference to your income in retirement. Take some time to decide what investment option is best for you and seek professional financial advice before selecting an investment option.

Which option to invest in?

Each investment option is made up of one or a combination of different asset classes (eg. bonds, cash, property, shares). Some investment options will have more invested in a certain asset class than others, which means different investment options have different levels of risk and potential returns. 

Investment risks

All investments carry some form of risk. Generally the higher potential return, the greater the investment risk.

The type of investment option you choose will depend on your saving goals and the level of risk you’re comfortable with. It’s a great idea to get financial advice before choosing an investment option.

Default investment option

If you didn't select an investment option when you joined REI Super, you super will be invested in the Balanced investment option (MySuper)