Your retirement options

With a REI Super pension you can keep your money in super, keep the tax advantages of super and still receive an income.

You have two options:


1. REI Super Transition to Retirement (TTR) Pension

As you approach retirement you can consider reducing your working hours without reducing your income. You can do this by supplementing your employment income with income from your super. 

Even if you hit preservation age you can continue working full time and boost your super by taking advantage of potential tax breaks. 

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2. REI Super Retirement Pension

Once you are fully retired from the paid workforce you can receive regular income from your super. You may also be able to combine your REI Super Retirement Pension with the Government Age pension to provide you a better retirement income.

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REI Super Pension options provide:

  • tax-free investment earnings from age 60
  • tax-free withdrawals from age 60
  • variable payment amounts and payment frequency (subject to Government limits)
  • competitive fees
  • access to your super while you’re still working
  • continuation of your membership when you retire
  • a choice of ten investment options
  • commission-free financial advice
  • anytime, anywhere access to your account online.