Changing your cover

As life changes with marriage, mortgages and children, it’s worth reviewing your insurance cover. Make sure you have the right level to cover your financial needs. You can increase or decrease the level of your cover at any time.

12-Change life insurance in super

Cover for Death and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) or Death only

You may choose to have death only insurance cover, or death and total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance cover. It’s up to you. 

See if you have the right level of cover.


Increasing your cover

You may find that the default cover may not be enough for your needs. You can increase the level of cover up to a maximum of 20 units or the equivalent sum insured applicable to your age as fixed cover. 1 Unit of Death and TPD cover costs as little as $1.80 per week. 

Occupation category Death and TPD Death only cover 
White Collar $1.80 per week $0.92 per week
Blue Collar $3.53 per week$1.79 per week 


Increase your default cover following a life event

If you are an Employer Sponsored member who has Default cover, you can elect to increase your existing Death or Death and TPD cover (without supplying additional medical information) within 90 days following a life event occurring such as; 

  • Marriages, new partnerships, or divorces
  • Welcoming a new child, whether through birth or adoption
  • Taking on a new mortgage or increasing one for your primary home
  • Significant birthdays: turning 30, 40, or 50

Read our Insurance Guide for all recognised life events and eligibility criteria.

To apply, eligible members must complete the Life Events Cover form. 

Transfer your existing cover to REI Super

You can transfer your existing death and/or TPD cover to REI Super as long as:

  • Your existing cover is provided through another regulated superannuation fund
  • Your existing cover is of a similar nature to the cover provided; and
  • You satisfactorily complete a form approved by us and the insurer
  • The maximum you can transfer is 15 units or $750,000. No medical assessment necessary.