Risk Profile Quiz

This Risk Profile Quiz will help you understand the type of investor you are, and the level of risk you are prepared to take with investments. Remember, it is a guide only and may not accurately reflect your particular circumstances. We urge you to contact us for advice on your personal financial situation and needs.

Please record your preferred answer to each question.

Question 1

Keeping in mind your primary goals, what is your investment time frame, or how long do you expect this money will remain invested?

Question 2

Assuming you have an amount of money to invest, how would you invest it?

Question 3

With regard to tax, what are you prepared to accept in order to meet your goals?

Question 4

How concerned are you that the growth in the value of your assets exceeds the rate of inflation?

Question 5

Have you ever invested in shares, Government bonds or managed funds?

In making your choices you may wish to refer to the REI Super PDS or contact us with any questions 1300 13 44 33.