Your Retirement Pension account

Once you are fully retired and have stopped working, you can rest easy with a REI Super Retirement Pension.

Receive a regular pension income

REI Super’s Retirement Pension provides you with a reliable regular income in retirement. You can open a Retirement Pension account at any time once you have reached preservation age.  

You stay invested in super and get tax-free earnings from age 60

REI Super’s Retirement Pension enables you to keep your money invested in super. By keeping your money in REI Super’s Retirement Pension you’ll benefit from tax-free investment earnings from age 60 on your pension account as well as a regular tax-free income.

Why have a REI Super Retirement Pension?

  • No fee to open an account
  • Tax free investment earnings from age 60
  • Tax free lump sum withdrawals after age 60^
  • No commissions paid to financial advisers
  • Flexible investment options
  • You choose your payment amounts and frequency*
  • Low ongoing fees
*subject to statutory minimum draw down thresholds
^ lump-sum withdrawals are not applicable for transition to retirement members

Still working?

If you are still working either full time or part time and have reached preservation age you can still access your super through REI Super’s Transition to Retirement Pension. This gives you flexibility to transition from work to retirement and supplement your income if you wish to reduce your working hours.