REI Super member election result

posted on 17.08.2017

Member election result

Founded in 1975, REI Super was one of the first industry super funds in Australia, and we are the only industry fund to have Member Elected Directors. Any member of REI Super can nominate for election as a Director on the Board of Trustees. 

The election process to fill three Member Elected Director positions on the REI Super Board of Trustees concluded on Monday 14 August 2017.  

Two eligible REI Super Members were nominated for the New South Wales electorate Member Elected Director position on the REI Super Trustee Board. An online ballot was conducted to fill that position.

One valid nomination was received for each of the positions that were available in the Victoria and Western Australia electorates. So those candidates were elected unopposed.

The successful candidates, who will hold office as Member Elected Directors for a four-year term from 1 October 2017, are:

  • Greg Paterson – New South Wales electorate
  • Neville Pozzi – Western Australia electorate
  • Ian Armstrong – Victoria electorate

Congratulations to Greg, Neville and Ian on their re-appointments and sincere thanks for their ongoing commitment and contribution to the REI Super Board of Trustees.

Thank you also to all REI Super members who participated in the nomination and election process. It is great to see members exercising their right to participate in and to have a say in the governance of their super fund. 


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