Will you have enough?

Take some of the guess work out from planning your retirement. Use our retirement income simulator to estimate how much money you may have, how long it may last and how much you may need in retirement*. 

Everyone’s ideas and goals around retirement are different. Use our retirement income simulator which includes the Government’s Pension payments to help plan your savings for retirement. 


What if I don’t have enough?

If you are worried about your super balance and that you won’t have enough to retire comfortably, there are simple steps you can take to help grow your super.


Close to approaching retirement?

Depending on whether you have reached preservation age, you could consider a Transition To Retirement (TTR) pension. This allows to you roll some or all of your money into a TTR account . You can then draw on your TTR account to supplement your income. Seek advice from a qualified professional first to see how this will affect your insurance, tax and balance.


*The retirement income simulator is illustrative only and is intended solely as a guide.