Extra contributions

Even small additional contributions to your account each month can make a big difference to the size of your super account. There are two ways you can make extra contributions to your super: before tax and after tax.


Before tax (concessional contributions)

Salary sacrifice 

You can make extra contributions by ‘sacrificing’ some of your salary. The extra contributions go directly from your salary into your super, the same way your normal super guarantee contributions are paid by your employer.

Your take home pay will be less, however there are potential tax benefits worth considering. Your super is taxed at 15%. If your income tax rate is higher than 15%, then you will save money on tax.

After tax (non-concessional contributions)

Personal contributions

You can make extra contributions in lump sums from your normal take home pay. This is not taxed as you’ve already paid the tax on the income. The current maximum you can contribute is $100,000 per annum.

Government top-up for low income earners

If you earn less than $50,454 p.a. and make a personal contribution into your super, you may be eligible for the Government co-contribution and receive up to $500 extra into your super each year.

Tax offset for spouse contributions

Want to help your spouse's super? If you spouse earns less than $37,000 a year and you add as much as $3,000 into their super, you could get an 18% tax offset. saving you up to $540 in tax.

Tax rules, including the contribution caps and other figures shown here are subject to change from year to year due to changes in legislation or annual indexation. For up to date information about the contribution caps and other figures, go to www.ato.gov.au.