Profits to members

Profits to members

REI Super is an Industry Super Fund. All our investment profits are returned to members’ accounts and no dividends are paid to shareholders. This translates into competitive fees and higher returns for our members.

You can see the difference yourself through the "Compare the Pair" tool on the Industry SuperFund's website.

About industry superannuation funds

When choosing the right super fund for you, it’s important to know the difference between an Industry SuperFund and a retail or bank owned super fund. 

  • Industry SuperFunds were first established in the 1980s to protect Australian workers’ super from the high fee and commission products that were then common in the retail superannuation market
  • Industry SuperFunds are run only to profit members
  • Industry SuperFunds aim to provide above average investment returns to members, while keeping management fees as low as possible
  • Under the Federal Award, REI Super is the Industry SuperFund for people who work in the real estate industry
  • From 1 July 2016, anyone can join REI Super and enjoy the same benefits as our current members.