Reinventing Stockdale & Leggo

posted on 13.04.2022

When Charlotte Pascoe took on the role of CEO at Stockdale & Leggo, it wasn’t just business as usual she questioned everything, pulled apart every aspect of the business and put it back together piece by piece. You could be excused for saying that is what most good CEOs would do and you’d be partly right. What I found to be most impressive is the way Charlotte has gone about it. She has listened to, worked with, and employed experts in their field and followed through with a commitment and passion for the business and in particular its people I’ve rarely seen.

‘Stockdale & Leggo is an iconic brand in the industry, with more than 85 years in the business,. Everybody knows the name, so that was a great starting point. We kept the name but have let go of what was not going to be part of our future, everything went under the microscope.

‘The first thing we did was get a handle on the financials and make sure we were sustainable. Then we forgot everything we thought we knew about the business, and got out and did the research. What would I want if I was buying or selling my home? We talked to our vendors, asked our customers what they valued, what they really wanted, and looked to what the business should be, not just for today, but in five, 10, 15 and 20 years’ time.’

‘Real estate is a people business and you need the best people in place if you are to be successful. We invested in our corporate team, searching for experts in their field. People with runs on the board in challenging businesses, not necessarily in real estate. We surrounded the business with genuine expertise in marketing, financial management, technology and customer services, to drive the business forward and support our franchisees.’

‘With the right people in place, my role is now more like that of a key strategist, working with the team, keeping the focus, aiming for constant improvement, and making sure we deliver on the four pillars we’ve set for the business.’

Client experience

‘We have built a marketing team focussed entirely on what our consumers want, with the tools and the knowledge to deliver that in spades.’

Growth and development

‘One of our key initiatives in building the business has been to develop a corporate franchise known as “central”. Here, we provide mentoring and training for selected individuals to develop their skills to become successful independent sales agents, with a team around them for added support. And if they are so inclined, we encourage them to go on to start their own agency with the knowledge and skills required to be successful in business. We see this as success breeding success.’

Profitable Businesses

‘We focus on ensuring our offices are profitable – it’s about them not us. We are growing, with much of that profit still being reinvested in people and technology to ensure sustained improvement and growth.’

Wellness and wellbeing

'Looking out for and caring for our people is a critical factor in the success of the business long term. Not everyone is motivated by the same factors and people’s situations change over time. If you want to keep good people you must acknowledge this, accommodate change where you can, be compassionate and genuinely care for your people now and into the future. That’s where we trust REI Super to play an important role for our people moving into retirement.’

You would have to say the future of Stockdale & Leggo looks very bright indeed, thanks in no small way to Charlotte Pascoe.

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