The twists and turns in a working life

posted on 21.04.2022

Proud Tasmanian, passionate St Kilda supporter, loving father, born salesman and devotee to partner Lynda.

‘I was building a house back in 2003 when a mate asked if I would help out with some referral work for a local agent. As busy as I was with work and finishing things off at the house with every spare moment I had, I went into TownsShearing Launceston to meet with the director. I recognised him immediately and started the conversation with ‘brown roll, no butter’.

‘We both had a good laugh about that and an hour or so later I walked out with a full-time job there. Not at all on my agenda then and just amazing how things work out. I guess I’m a natural salesman and I took to real estate like a duck to water. Within 2 years I was made a partner and had my own effective business unit.’

‘Having achieved some success, I was lured away soon after by Bushby First National as sales manager. I held that position for just over 3 years before heading a start up in Launceston for the View group.’

‘As things happen, I had a marriage breakdown and the business was sold to partners. I went on to a role at Harcourts and then formed a partnership and started a L J Hooker office in Launceston. Life was pretty good, I was busy, doing well, kids all grown and I was in a new relationship. Lynda was living in Melbourne and we were happily managing a distance relationship.’ 

‘That was until we got the devastating news, that Lynda’s cancer had returned again, put on palliative care and may not have long to live. I spoke to my kids about moving to Melbourne to be together with her and enjoy whatever time we had left,  and they encouraged me to follow my heart. That’s when I came across to Morrison Kleeman in Eltham. On top of the heart ache and fear of what might be for Lynda, it was a tough gig coming to a new state where you know no-one, have no contacts and have to start from ground zero. But Morrison Kleeman have been very supportive and understanding, a true family run business.

‘Thankfully for us Lynda was able to get into a clinical immunotherapy trial and has come from a death sentence 2 years earlier, to cancer free today. Through blood, sweat and a good many tears we have made a go of it in Melbourne and are now looking ahead to a future.’

‘For the new people starting out in real estate can I say it is a privilege to work in this industry. You can do so much good for the people that you serve and change so many people’s lives for the better in many cases. You have to remember people are not just opening up their houses to you they are often opening up their lives as well. As an example, my most satisfying sale was one of the smallest in dollar terms at $138K but massive in terms of what it did for my vendor. He was doing it tough, the extra few thousand dollars I was able to deliver on the sale made a huge difference to him. It enabled him to help out his very sick brother and see his mother who lived overseas. He also reconnected with his estranged daughter.’

Superannuation likewise makes a huge difference to people’s lives, and I appreciate the service REI Super provides to me and my industry. Not just for the good times, with strong returns and industry support but also for the tough times in our lives with their unique insurance cover for income protection and affordable life cover.

‘I hope my story helps inspire others to be positive in the face of adversity, be the best they can be and live for today as well as the future.’ And as I was told once ”Be proud of what you do and who you represent".

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