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posted on 18.07.2022

From start up in 2010 to as many as 40 offices operating in the southeast of Melbourne and in several regional areas by the end of 2022. You’d have to say OBrien Real Estate must be doing something right. Five minutes into my conversation with Dean O’Brien it’s very clear what they’ve got right and why they are set for long term success.

Growing up in regional Victoria, Dean had first-hand experience in the family business and learned at an early age how important it is to value the people you work with and serve. A great education where he developed lifelong friendships clearly helped define and strengthen those values, and ultimately bring them to the work environment.

Dean along with his business partner Darren Hutchins started out with a shared vision for a successful franchise, one of family values, education and training, career progression, respect, nurturing talent and embracing change. A standout comment Dean made that demonstrated his commitment to the vision and was clearly heart felt was ‘Nobody works for me – we work together’.

‘Culture over and above all else is what drives OBrien Real Estate, and the reason we are successful to date. As a growing organisation recruitment is a core part of our business and over and above all else, we look to employ people that fit the culture. More important than talent alone, if we get the right people, we can nurture the talent with the systems and training we have developed.’

‘Community and giving back is an important aspect of the business. Very early on we established the OBrien Real Estate Foundation, with a strong focus on grass roots, local community outcomes. We’ve provided sponsorships and supported uniforms and equipment for junior sporting groups, provided back packs to schools with kids that can’t afford them, worked with councils and charities to assist with their programs. We have of course also made significant donations to major charities and to various disaster relief programs as well. To date this has equated to more than $750K.’

When asked about superannuation Dean had some very interesting observations.

‘It’s funny you know, so many of our people study their pay slip in great detail and account for every minute, every allowance, bonus, commission, etc. but pay little or no attention to their super. Barely checking how much is going in, what their current balance is, how it’s invested and how it can protect them and their family throughout their career. Fascinating to me when it will ultimately be one of their greatest and most important investments.’ 

‘It’s one of those things I talk about but, like a parent giving advice to your kids, it doesn’t always resonate until a recognised expert makes the case. That’s why we work closely with Chris from REI Super, to make regular presentations to our people so they make the most of their super. I hope other employers reading this see the value in having a super expert present to their people and look to engage with REI Super in the future.’

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