Your default insurance

Your insurance cover when you join REI Super

All our members are offered default insurance when joining REI Super. It's a great way to financially protect you and your family against life’s unexpected events.

Your default insurance cover includes:

  • Death (including Terminal Illness)
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)
  • Includes 4 units of cover (from $8 per week)1
  • Paid as a lump sum
  • Paid through your REI Super account

You are not required to provide evidence of health or need to be underwritten by the Insurer to be eligible for our default insurance.

When does the cover start?

  • Participating Employer Members – (where your employer users REI Super as their default Superannuation Fund) - cover will commence when we receive your first Super Guarantee (SG) payment from your employer within 6 months of being first eligible
  • Direct Members (where your employer’s default Superannuation Fund is a different company) – cover will commence when we receive a contribution or rollover into your account within 6 months of being first eligible
  • When you are older than 15 and under 65 years of age
  • In active employment2

Your insurance cover will end when:

  • If your account has not received any contributions or other amounts for a continuous period of 16 months and you have not made a valid election in writing to maintain your cover
  • You have given us written notice to voluntarily cancel your insurance cover
  • You cease to be an REI Super member
  • A benefit has been paid by the Insurer to REI Super in respect of you
  • You reach 65 years old
  • There are insufficient monies in your account to pay the insurance premium
  • You commence duty with military services of any country (excluding the Australia armed forces reserve where you are not on active duty outside of Australia)
  • Participating employer members where we receive your first contribution from your employer more than 6 months after you have started working for them.
  • Direct members – where we receive your first contribution or rollover more than 6 months after you have joined REI Super. 

Read our Insurance Guide (PDF) for full details of REI Super’s default insurance.

Do you have the right level of cover?

The minimum level of cover is 4 units. Is this enough? The maximum is 20 units or $2.08 million fixed cover. Find out what the right level of cover is for you using our insurance calculator tool or call our friendly financial advisers 1300 13 44 33.



1A higher insurance premium may apply if you joining as a Direct member.

2Active employment – a person who is employed by an employer, who is capable of performing their identifiable duties without restriction by any illness or injury for at least 35 hours per week (whether or not they are working those hours)