Investment performance

When you consider the performance of any investment, remember to look at its long-term performance, as markets can fluctuate in the short term. 

Also consider how each investment option has performed in relation to its objectives.

Pre-mixed investment options

Net investment returns as at 28 February 2019Unit price
Investment option3 mths (%)FYTD*(%)1 yr (%)3 yrs (%p.a.)7 yrs (%p.a.)10 yrs (%p.a.)17/04/19
Premium Income2.232.503.523.64n/an/a1.22665


Sector investment options

Net investment returns as at 28 February 2019Unit price
Investment option3 mths (%)FYTD*(%)1 yr (%)3 yrs (%p.a.)7 yrs (%p.a.)10 yrs (%p.a.)


Australian Shares6.54-0.542.029.509.069.502.35077
International Shares2.201.913.6910.2712.4612.112.70404
Australian Property8.346.7016.018.2812.8712.242.37232
Global Property3.754.4512.916.908.7211.872.05055

Further information:

Please note: The net investment returns in the above tables are net of investment fees and taxes.

* Financial year to date
1 Known as Super Growth to 30 June 2016
2 Known as Trustee Super Balanced to 30 June 2016
3 Known as Super Stable to 30 June 2016
4 Known as Super Cash to 30 June 2016

Disclaimer: Future investment performance can vary from past performance, and you should not base your decision to invest in REI Super simply on past performance. Past earning rates are not an indicator of future earning rates. The investment returns of REI Super are not guaranteed, and the value of the investment may rise or fall.