Low fees

Low fees - all profits returned to members

When choosing a super fund, it is important to take into consideration the superannuation administration fees. High fees will eat into your overall investment returns, potentially leaving you with less funds in retirement than if you had chosen a low fee super account.

As an industry fund we return all profits to our members, which means lower fees for our members and more money into your super account.

Compare our fees

SuperRatings rates our fees as 'excellent' for small ($50k), medium ($125k) and larger balances ($500k). Our fees are approximately 35% cheaper than the industry average.

Fee comparison - balanced optionsAccount balance
REI Super Balanced option basic annual fees$426$1,786$3,486
Average super fund fees$644$2,829$5,439

Source - SuperRatings Fundamentals Report 30 September 2015